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in the net
In the net

SALTY LADY FISHING CALENDAR The Salty Lady offers sportsfishing at its best..! We'll take you to the right spot to catch fish like this:
Species (limit #) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Salmon (2)          
Stripers (2)      
Halibut (2)          
Rock Cod (10)        
Lingcod (2)          

Baggin' the catch

Fishing San Francisco waters for:

Striped Sea Bass (Stripers)
Roc Cod
Albacore Tuna


Rock Cod Regulations:

The Department of Fish & Game has implemented an aggressive plan to salvage and restore the "Ground fish" species, including many which are in severe danger of depletion and/or extinction.

The crew of the Salty Lady is extremely aware of these complicated regulations and will be certain that all laws are followed by passengers. Rest assured that there are plenty of the best eating species of rock cod to be caught for your limit!

"The day was a slow one for the fleet... then the Captain had us reel up before moving to one of his favorite little holes off the Marin Coast. We pounded them [king salmon]..."

~ Salty Lady Fisherman

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